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Architectural Chair Announces Stage One Design Review

2 June 2009

newcpia-1(New York, NY) - Today Architectual Chair Tomoko Tanaka confirmed earlier news reports that two dozen international firms will be invited to participate in Stage One of the design competition for Manhattan International Airport. Each will be commissioned to create a working proposal for the reallocation of the 843 acre site. “Not since Central Park was built 150 years ago has a public works project of this magnitude been been undertaken in New York City,” said Tanaka. The announcement concludes the board’s exhaustive three-month preliminary review and includes several architects who, through recent high-profile commissions, have transcended industry recognition to become boldface names. The board evaluated proposals in a two-tiered process taking into account both the firms’ individual portfolios and their partners’ uniqueness of expression in response to the Foundation’s initial request for proposal. Tanaka, who praised the work of all of the applicants said, “I want to thank the members of the board and every member of TMAF for their tremendous dedication to the selection process. Each of you should be proud of your participation in this groundbreaking project to develop this site for the benefit of all New Yorkers.”

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