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Is the site really large enough to build a safe airport?

The site’s dimensions are 4.1 km × 830 m, making it large enough for takeoff and landing of even the largest commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 747, 767 and 787; as well as the Airbus A350 and A380. Medium to large commercial aircraft used for domestic routes generally require at least 2,421 m at sea level and somewhat more at higher altitude airports. International widebody flights, which carry substantial amounts of fuel and are therefore heavier can have landing requirements of 3,021 m or more and takeoff requirements up to 3,422 m.

What will happen to landmarks such as Cleopatra’s Needle, Beethoven and Strawberry Fields?

The Manhattan Airport Foundation charter states that whenever possible, vestigial architectural elements of the Park space be retained or reworked into the context of the new design. Under the current plan the Imagine mosaic and Strawberry Fields will be preserved however they will be located indoors within the main terminal concourse. Tavern on the Green will be given the option of applying for a franchisee lease in the concourse food court. The American Elms will not need to be removed.  It will be necessary to relocate other elements, such as Central Park Zoo, to new locations and the upcoming feasibility study is addressing these concerns.

Does New York City really need an airport?

New York City is the financial and cultural capital of the United States. It is also our most densely populated urban area. The Foundation believes these characteristics make an airport a vital transportation necessity for individuals living and working in Manhattan, as well as visitors to the area.

What about the AirTrain, can’t we just take that to JFK?

The AirTrain and Kennedy airport are vital for residents of Queens and Long Island. However neither one is a viable solution for individuals living and working in Manhattan. The trip from downtown Manhattan traveling by subway on the E Line from Canal Street station, then transferring in Jamaica Queens and taking the AirTrain to terminal 8 takes one hour and fifty minutes door-to-door. For individuals living and working in Manhattan as well as visitors to New York City, this is not a workable model.

I own an apartment alongside Central Park. What will Manhattan Airport do to my property value?

History has proven that bringing a transportation amenity to an underserved region elevates the perception and economic well-being of the area. In the past, these types of transformative public works projects have created an influx of interest and new investment in the neighborhoods in which they have been built. There may be some who resist the progress. But as neighborhood residents, small business owners and local civic organizations begin to experience the economic “trickle-down” effect these types of large scale redevelopment projects have precipitated time and time again; Manhattan Airport will be embraced.

What about the environmental impact of building Manhattan Airport?

Research shows that single-passenger car-service and taxi trips between Manhattan and JFK/EWR/LGA account for up to 9% of automobile-created carbon-based emissions in the region. Reducing our environmental impact is a major concern for all of us and preliminary findings indicate that building Manhattan Airport can be a critical first step as we strive to live up to our long-neglected environmental responsibility. The upcoming Manhattan Airport Feasibility Study (2010) will provide a more detailed analysis of these findings and will be published early next year.

Will taxpayers shoulder the financial burden of building and operating Manhattan Airport?

No. Manhattan Airport is a privately-financed corporation. To date, nearly 100 investors have signed on to provide approximately $130M in equity with another $80M from the bond market making Manhattan Airport the most ambitious privately-funded airport development project in US history.

I am an architect / designer / planner. Can I submit my ideas to the Design Competition for Manhattan Airport?

At this time The Manhattan Airport Foundation is not accepting unsolicited proposals. The Design Competition is by invitation only.

I don’t see my question answered in the FAQ section. Can I ask something directly?

Additional questions to TMAF should be directed here. Please be patient. We do our best to answer all questions in a timely fashion.

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